1. In Slack, navigate to Incoming Webhooks
    1. This is accessible by navigating to the URLĀ https://yourteamnamehere.slack.com/apps
    2. Click Manage
    3. Select Custom Integrations
    4. Click the Incoming WebHooks button
  2. Click Add Configuration
  3. Select a Default Channel
  4. Click the Add Incoming WebHooks integration button
  5. Scroll down to the bottom of the page until you get to the Integration Settings section
  6. In the Customize Name field type Escalator
  7. In the Customize Icon field upload this image
  8. Copy the Webhook URL
  9. In JIRA navigate to Addons > Manage add-ons and scroll down to the Escalator configuration pages
  10. On the Escalator Admin page configure the following settings:

    Slack WebhookPaste the URL from step 8 here
    Slack User Property Nameslack
    Custom Message FormatAdd arbitrary text as well as System and Custom fields to allow for customizeable notifications

  11. We recommend enabling both of the below options by checking their respective boxes

    1. Send direct messages

    2. Send to default channel

Once the above is complete you then need to add a property to each JIRA user to link their JIRA user to their Slack name by following the steps on the Adding Slack User Properties to JIRA Users guide.