SMS User Properties are required to be configured for each user the Escalator needs to alert.


  1. Log in as a user that has the JIRA System Administrators global permission
  2. Click the Admin drop-down and choose User management.  You may be challenged for credentials again and then the User management page will load
  3. Find the user you wish to add an SMS number for and click their name.  You should be taken to a page showing all of their Account information
  4. Click the Actions button and then click Edit Properties
  5. One the Edit User Properties page you should see two fields - Key and Value.  Enter the code you are using to identify the SMS property in the Key field and the 10 digit number for the user in the Value field and then click the Add button

    Please note that while the Key can be any string of characters it must be consistent across all users who could possibly be alerted using the Escalator.

    Additionally, the Value for the Key must meet the below conditions depending on your chosen SMS provider:

    ProviderAvaulabilityValue LengthSpecial Formatting Requirements
    E4SIPUS Numbers Only10 Digits 
    TwilioUS & International Numbers10+ DigitsMust conform to E.164 formatting -