Once installed, iCalSync will add an new tab to the Outlook ribbon bar.  The ribbon contains 2 options, Settings and About

All of the configuration will be done from within the Settings option.

The New, Edit and Delete buttons are used to add new iCals to the list, edit existing iCals, or to remove an iCal.  iCals added will be displayed in the table below the buttons.

When adding or editing an iCal, two fields are used, Name and URL.  The Name is a friendly name for the iCal and is for your reference only.  The URL is the web (http or https) url to iCal feed.

The Run Sync Now button forces a sync of all iCal feeds immediately.

The Confluence Imports button opens a settings window for interacting with an Atlassian Confluence instance.

Enter the Confluence URL and a User and Password to access confluence, then click Connect. A list of the Confluence team calendars you have access to will be populated.

Checking the Sync box next to a calendar will add that calendar to your set of feeds to sync.  Clicking the Save button will save these settings.  Clicking Cancel will undo any changes made.  Upon saving, a request will be made to Confluence for any checked calendars that do not have an iCal feed configured yet to add the necessary iCal feed.

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