Calendars are used by the Escalator add-on to define an on-call schedule as well as a working hours schedule.  All calendars must be in the iCal format and accessible to JIRA and the Escalator add-on.


Calendar NameDefinitionNotes
Work Hours CalendarA calendar defining the days and start/end times of the working hours for that particular dayDuring the Work Hours (as defined on the Work Hours Calendar) the Escalator will NOT send any alerts
On-call CalendarA calendar defining who the current on-call person is (If you are using the On-Call User, Next On-Call User, Previous On-Call User entries in any Escalation Schema Tiers

In order for the On-Call Calendar and On-Call functions of the Escalator add-on to work correctly the person assigned to the On-Call Event must have an email address matching those attached to their JIRA account


If no calendars are defined within any of the Escalator screens alerts will be sent 24/7/365.  Additionally, the On-Call, Next On-Call, and Previous On-Call users will not function within the Tier Groups and should not be used.

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