Escalation SchemaThe configuration for who should be alerted to what issues and whenRetired as of v2.0
Fallback UserUser to be notified should the Notification Group fail for any reason
Inherit TiersAllows for users in previous Tiers to be added to subsequent alerts should the escalator move up to the next Tier
JQLJIRA Query Language (JQL) is used to search for a subset of JIRA issues
NameUser friendly name of the Escalation or Notification Schemas
Notification IntervalAmount of time between the Escalator executing the specified JQL and sending alerts out per the specified Escalation and Notification Schemas
Notification SchemaThe configuration tying together a particular JIRA Project and an Escalation SchemaRetired as of v2.0
Notification Users GroupJIRA users group to select which users are eligible to receive alerts via the Escalation Schemas
TierUser(s) who should be alerted if the escalation moves to that particular tier
Tier GroupA defined grouping of Tiers
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