This page contains configuration information for elements used throughout the Escalator for JIRA add-on.

The Global Settings page is where you define global settings for the Escalator add-on.  These settings are required in order for the add-on to operate correctly.

  1. Log in as a user that has the JIRA System Administrators global permission
  2. Click the Admin drop-down and choose Add-ons.  You may be challenged for credentials again and then the Add-ons page will load
  3. Locate the Escalator section and click Global Settings
  4. On the Global Settings config page please fill out each field with the appropriate information and then click the Save button


FieldField ValueNotes
User To Query Issues AsUser who has permissions to run the specified JQL
Work Hours CalendarURL of the Work Hours CalendarUsed to specify when normal business hours are. Alerts will NOT be sent out during normal business hours. If no Work Hours Calendar is defined Alerts will be sent out at any time of the day or night.
Notification Users GroupJIRA users group to select which users are eligible to receive alerts via the Escalation SchemasNot required to be used however if your JIRA instance has many non-technical users creating a group that only includes members of your technical team will help quickly narrow down which users are eligible to receive escalations.
Raygun API KeyThis field to be left blank unless a key is provided and instructed to be inserted by Computer Technologies, Inc. support personnelUsed only for support purposes

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