Version 2.0 of our Escalator for JIRA add-on marks a major departure from the v1 structure and administration.  In addition to back-end improvements v2.0 introduces the following improvements and features:

GREATLY SIMPLIFIED CONFIGURATION - There isn't a single screen within the Escalator add-on that has not been revamped and streamlined.  From global Escalator Settings down to project-level Escalation configurations - every page has been enhanced.

MULTIPLE NOTIFICATION GROUPS PER JIRA PROJECT - It is now possible to create multiple unique Notification Groups and Tiers, each with their own unique JQL filters, within the same JIRA project thus allowing multiple teams to be notified based on unique criteria all within the same JIRA project.

MULTIPLE PHONE NUMBERS PER JIRA USER - Users can now specify multiple phone numbers to be notified simultaneously when the user is part of a Notification Group.

STOP AFTER LAST TIER - Escalation Tiers no longer are required to loop repeatedly at the last defined Tier.  When selected the Escalator will follow the defined Escalation Tiers however it will stop once a notification has been sent for the last defined Notification Tier.

ESCALATOR TAB DISPLAY WITH JIRA ISSUES - The Escalator tab within the JIRA Issue view is now only visible on projects which have defined Escalation Tiers.

NON-WORKING HOURS ONLY - There is now an option to restrict the JQL for a particular Escalation Group to only those tickets created outside of the business hours defined within the Work Hours calendar.

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