The Escalation Schema Admin page is where you define a series of users to be alerted via the Escalator.  On this page you can insert the JQL that should be executed, define the on-call calendar (if you are using one) to query the current on-call user, and establish a listing of users to be alerted at each tier of alerts.


  1. Log in as a user that has the JIRA System Administrators global permission
  2. Click the Admin drop-down and choose Add-ons.  You may be challenged for credentials again and then the Add-ons page will load
  3. Locate the Escalator section and click Escalation Schema Admin
  4. On the Escalation Schema Admin config page please fill out each field with the appropriate information and then click the Save button




 FieldField ValueNotes
NameFriendly name of the Escalation Schema 
JQLIssues which are returned as a result of this JQL will trigger an escalation alertOnce an issue no longer is returned by the JQL escalations will cease for that particular escalation alert
On-Call CalendarURL of the on-call calendar 
Notification IntervalHow often the JQL should be run and escalation alerts sent out to the users defined in the TiersMeasured in minutes
Inherit Tiers
  • Checked - All users specified in the current and all previous escalation tiers will be alerted to the issue
  • Un-checked - Only users specified in the particular escalation tier will be alerted to the issue
Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3, etc.User(s) who should be alerted if the escalation moves to that particular tier 

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